Jun 28 Brett Hickey @BrettHickeySMC
Thanks so much to the @MarketsGrp team for hosting a engaging conference. Always great to be a part of such a robus…
Jun 28 Brett Hickey @BrettHickeySMC
#ThoughtLeadership involves taking second looks. Read more on Star Mountain’s thought processes here:
Jun 27 Brett Hickey @BrettHickeySMC
Excited to be in the Windy City and to participate in the @Partner_Connect Midwest Conference today
Jun 26 Brett Hickey @BrettHickeySMC
Thanks to the International Advisory Experts for New York Lower Middle-Market Asset Mgmt. Firm of the Year !…
Jun 26 Brett Hickey @BrettHickeySMC
RT @YPO: "It all starts with having an audacious vision for where you want to go" @magrieder #success @Inc https://…
Jun 24 Brett Hickey @BrettHickeySMC
Honored for the award in alternative lending. Thanks @PEWireNews
StarMountainCapital @StarMountainCap
Thank you to @PEWireNews for the honor of "Best Alternative Debt Provider." Hope to be nominated again next year:
Jun 24 Brett Hickey @BrettHickeySMC
RT @YPO: The Leadership Skills of Amazing Listeners
Jun 23 Brett Hickey @BrettHickeySMC
Team @StarMountainCap is ready to run! Our #TerryFoxRun VIP reception is on 7/18. Don’t miss it:
Jun 23 Brett Hickey @BrettHickeySMC
Look forward to seeing you there @hamilton_lane
Hamilton Lane @hamilton_lane
HL’s John Stake will be on the ‘Due Diligence: Innovative Ways LPs are Digging Deeper on Managers’ panel @Partner_Connect Midwest on 6/27
Jun 22 Brett Hickey @BrettHickeySMC
Further evidence of value behind #meditation and #yoga @AllisonMHickey @ChrisJGimbert thanks @JeremyHowick
Jeremy Howick @JeremyHowick
#Yoga and #meditation seem to have an affect on genes according to (admittedly limited quality) #systematicreview…
Jun 21 Brett Hickey @BrettHickeySMC
I look forward to speaking at @MarketsGrp's Private Equity Europe Forum in London today. Contact me if you are there
Jun 21 Brett Hickey @BrettHickeySMC
RT @StarMountainCap: Team @StarMountainCap is ready to run! Our #TerryFoxRun VIP event is on 7/18. Don’t miss it:
Jun 20 Brett Hickey @BrettHickeySMC
RT @StarMountainCF: SMC golfs for good! The Student/Partner Alliance's charity event raised $40k to help send kids to parochial schools htt…
Jun 20 Brett Hickey @BrettHickeySMC
Well said! @LollyDaskal
Lolly Daskal @LollyDaskal
The happiest people don't have the best of everything, they make the best of everything. ~ @LollyDaskal #Leadership #quote
Jun 18 Brett Hickey @BrettHickeySMC
Happy #FathersDay to all! #Jackson is the best gift I could have ever asked for. Wishing you all a blessed day!
Jun 17 Brett Hickey @BrettHickeySMC
@HBSAlumni Spending time with my wife and son.
Jun 16 Brett Hickey @BrettHickeySMC
Thank you @SergiuSimmel and @VoiceAmericaTRN for a wonderful broadcast last week! Check it out here:
Jun 15 Brett Hickey @BrettHickeySMC
Looking forward to participating in @CapitalRndtable's Conference on July 13 in NYC
Jun 15 Brett Hickey @BrettHickeySMC
Jeffery Gibbons of @erminsight joins @StarMountainCap for a webinar discussing ESG factors at 2PM today:
Jun 14 Brett Hickey @BrettHickeySMC
Excited for London next week when I will be speaking at @MarketsGrp’s PE Europe Forum on 6/21