Aug 22 Brett Hickey @BrettHickeySMC
Great article from my @YPO friend @thgentry #culture is king
Timothy Gentry @thgentry
How startups can use mindfulness to cultivate an innovative mindset #StartUps #Mindfulness…
Aug 20 Brett Hickey @BrettHickeySMC
RT @YPO: 9 Ways Great Leaders Can Simplify Anything
Aug 19 Brett Hickey @BrettHickeySMC
@finalternatives Pleasure working with the @finalternatives team
Aug 18 Brett Hickey @BrettHickeySMC
We built our #BusinessPlan partially using @lucidchart which has been great - dynamic and multi-dimensional
RT @BNDarticles: Every company needs a road map; experts outline the ins and outs of a business plan @YPO
Aug 17 Brett Hickey @BrettHickeySMC
Star Mountain's John McCarty will discuss lower-middle market M&A at @ACGGlobal Atlanta's Market Update on 8/24
Aug 16 Brett Hickey @BrettHickeySMC
Great article @Inc - it starts with ourselves and then we can help others. #leadership by example
Aug 15 Brett Hickey @BrettHickeySMC
Do you agree that the lower middle-market can provide superior risk-adjusted returns to alternative lenders?…
Aug 10 Brett Hickey @BrettHickeySMC
#Bowling w/ bright young minds! Thx to our summer intern class for their contributions to @StarMountainCap…
Aug 10 Brett Hickey @BrettHickeySMC
RECAP: @StarMountainCF hosted the @KlostersForum’s “Partnerships for Humanity” kick-off event for #refugee education
Aug 09 Brett Hickey @BrettHickeySMC
RT @YPO: Being consistent is a huge driver of #success @andrewcollinst @SentientJet
Aug 09 Brett Hickey @BrettHickeySMC
Thx to @indego_africa for hosting their 10th Anniversary Showcase to uplift African women artisans! Glad to support
Aug 08 Brett Hickey @BrettHickeySMC
Join @StarMountainCap & @Buyouts tonight for a night of networking w/ leading family offices feat. music by @ElaineKwon & @AlysonCambridge
Aug 08 Brett Hickey @BrettHickeySMC
@IndvstrvsMag @StarMountainCF @StarMountainCap @nytimesbusiness @ReutersBiz Thanks for helping inspire others to re…
Aug 08 Brett Hickey @BrettHickeySMC
Always an honor to discuss making a positive #impact and helping inspire others to build purposeful #cultures and…
INDVSTRVS @IndvstrvsMag
@BrettHickeySMC took a community of care culture from a small town to create a leading investment firm in NYC…
Aug 08 Brett Hickey @BrettHickeySMC
RT @thgentry: “My philosophy was that you didn’t have to wait for history; you could create history.” – @SupermenschShep #leadership #GRIT…
Aug 06 Brett Hickey @BrettHickeySMC
@YPO Great photos from my homeland. Hope my family and I can make the next one @AllisonMHickey
Aug 05 Brett Hickey @BrettHickeySMC
RT @HighTowerAdvsor: HighTower CEO @Weissbluth featured with @JeffBezos, @SusanWojcicki & more in @FastCompany on #productivity secrets: ht…
Aug 05 Brett Hickey @BrettHickeySMC
@IndvstrvsMag @StarMountainCF @StarMountainCap Great working with you all! Hope we inspire others to make a positive impact on the world
Aug 05 Brett Hickey @BrettHickeySMC
RT @StarMountainCap: CEO @BrettHickeySMC spoke at @Partner_Connect’s Emerging Manager Connect East on how to optimally finance acquisitions…
Aug 05 Brett Hickey @BrettHickeySMC
RT @IndvstrvsMag: August Tribes Feature Sneak Peek! We chat with CEO of Star Mountain Capital, Brett Hickey on philanthropy, purpose and pe…